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Rabu, 02 Agustus 2017

BATCHING PLANT (BBP 60) Lokasi Pangandaran Ciamis


Proses Instalasi /Pemasangan & Uji Coba Batching Plant (BBP 60) kapasitas 60 M3/H, lokasi di daerah Pengandaran Ciamis

Kamis, 19 November 2015

Concrete Batching Plant

Bukaka Concrete Batching Plant

Bukaka Cement Batching Plant is a mixing device to mix cement, sand, aggregate and water. This plant is designed to produce concrete mix. In order to get good mixture of concrete, mixing process can not be done by assumption. It is need exactly measurement and accurate in process. Then the strong and durable building can be built.

Cement mixture is one of material can be found in construction of modern buildings. Concrete makes building stand, easy in maintenance and strong. Another advantage of concrete is easy to mould in any form and measurement. That why concrete is use in any field of construction such as road, airport, sky-high building, factory etc..

This Bukaka Cement Batching Plant is consist of aggregate feed unit equipped by weighing, skip delivery unit, cement scaling unit, water scaling unit, pneumatic system, control panel and cement silos. This unit is very simple and easy to operate

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Kontak Marketing/ Pemasaran

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Telepon : 62-21-8231154
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